Angela M. Smith, M.A.

Angela “Ananda” Smith ’18 is a dynamic leader and advocate for inclusivity and acceptance. As Academic Accommodations and Support Coordinator at Stanford University, Angela spearheads initiatives to enhance accessibility and promote diversity, positively impacting countless members of the campus community.

Beyond academia, Angela is a respected figure in the LGBTQ+ community, having been actively involved in ethical non-monogamy and kink for over a decade. They bring a unique perspective on privacy, relationships, and interpersonal dynamics.

With a keen understanding of LGBTQ+ challenges, Angela continues to lead the charge in creating spaces where all individuals feel valued and supported. Their journey is not just about making a difference; it’s about shaping a future where inclusivity is the norm and acceptance knows no bounds.

Ben Fong

Ben Fong is a father and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and President of the Stanford Club of the East Bay, which he founded in 2016 and has grown the club to almost 1000 members today. He has also served as the President of the Stanford Asian Pacific American Alumni Club. Professionally, he has worked at several climate tech startups, Ford Motor Company, Deloitte Consulting, and as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer with tours including Mexico, India, and Washington DC. In his spare time, he has served as Planning Commissioner in Berkeley as an elected delegate of the Democratic Party of California Central Committee, and as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations think tank.

Ben graduated from Stanford in Political Science (’08), a Master in Public Affairs (MPA) from Princeton University, and a MBA from UC Berkeley. While at Stanford, he studied abroad at Oxford, served as an admissions associate, and as a R.A. in Toyon Hall. He resides in Alameda, California, with his husband and 1 year old son where he enjoys restoring his 125 year old Victorian home and gardening.

Billie Mandel

Billie Mandel is a multidisciplinary social scientist, leadership coach and collaborative creativity expert with 30 years’ international business experience leading software R&D teams to innovate, grow and create more effectively together. In her BA studies in International Relations at Stanford (and subsequent graduate studies at that other institution across the Bay), she focused on political behavior and political sociology, with a specific interest in conflict resolution and how humans interact in systems. 

As a first-wave UX designer and (often token) out lesbian in the tech industry, and now as a leadership and team collaboration coach, she’s spent decades in corporate boardrooms watching leaders make the same mistakes over and over. Now that she’s a self-employed CEO, living her best life by the ocean in her Sea Witch era, she’s fully empowered to tell all the tales and spill all the tea, for our collective amusement, benefit, and growth.Her company, Mandel Creative, is a queer feminist learning and development consultancy and innovation incubator for creative and technical professionals and teams, and has some spicy new programs coming up!

Gus Hernandez

Gus Hernandez ’99 (he/him) is a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience and currently serves as President of Stanford Pride. As an activist in San Francisco, he created positive change in his community, leveraging his relationship-building skills to bring people together. During his tenure on the Board of Directors for Stanford Pride, Gus has focused on inclusion and belonging to ensure that programming reflects the full diversity of our LGBTQ+ community. Gus has navigated being an out gay Latino professional in both nonprofit and corporate work environments and will be sharing his unique perspective at the Stanford Pride Summit.

José G. Arzate, CPHM, CPLC, PMP

José G. Arzate is a native of the SF Bay Area and has lived in La Jolla since December 2016 when he and his co parent decided to seek a more balanced life for their family. José values & prioritizes individual & family wellbeing, compassion & doing good for others. Professionally, José is part of Stanford Health Care Technology & Digital Solutions (TDS) and is a Senior Manager, IT Inpatient Clinical Applications. José’s team manages the non-Epic clinical systems used in the delivery of acute care & also supports Nursing and SoM Clinical Research. José has two sons, William (15) & Isaac (13).

He and his co parent became a family through egg donor surrogacy and worked with Growing Generations to start their family. When José is not leading a dynamic team of clinical technology professionals, he volunteers with his family. José is active with the Muirlands Middle School Foundation, La Jolla High School Foundation & La Jolla Friendly Visitors where he provides seniors companionship during the week. José’s community priorities also include Queer Youth Health & Housing Security, and most recently joined the San Diego LGBT Center’s Stonewall Society to provide long term financial support for core Queer Youth Services. He is also an active member of the San Diego LGBT Center’s donor Leadership Circle. José loves being #1 fan for his sons at their sporting events & spending time at the ocean creating space for inner peace & stillness.

Kasiemobi Udo-okoye

Kasiemobi Udo-okoye (she/they) is a Nigerian-American who studied human biology and theater at Stanford and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is a project manager and creative content planner both for tech companies like Skillshare and Buzzfeed and for independent professionals from comedians to marketers.

Dr. Mark F. Robb

I am honored to be able to present my life-changing story and share my experience in living through the AIDS crisis. I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I graduated from Oak Park-River Forest High School, class valedictorian, and made my first trip to California to enter Leland Stanford Jr. University in 1971. I lived in the Larkin-Lassen dormitory as a freshman and spent the rest of my time at Stanford living in the Kappa Alpha Fraternity next to Lake Lagunitas, studying hard but still chasing women and partying with my fraternity brothers. 

I graduated medical school in 1979 and finished my residency in Internal Medicine at Highland General Hospital in 1983. That is essentially where my story begins. My career in Emergency Medicine began in the Cuban Refugee Camp at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas in 1980 and continued until I retired from the Emergency Room at Kaiser Hospital, San Francisco, in 2017. When the pandemic started, I went back to work in a field hospital in San Francisco, set up in the street behind the Southeast Health Center in the Bayview District. I found it less stressful than the emergency room and realized I still had something to offer as an emergency physician. Over the next few years, I staffed various clinics delivering COVID care, fire camps in Northern California, and a Transit Hub in San Diego for immigrants from the border.

No longer a transient, most recently, I have found a permanent job providing primary care at La Clinica de la Raza in Oakland. Speaking Spanish every day and working with a great group of professionals, providing care for an underserved and respectful community, I am challenged in this new specialty and busy at the end of my career. I am most grateful to still be alive.

Roselyn Thomas

Roz Thomas ‘08 (they/she) is a community builder who is passionate about social justice. They are not only the current Treasurer of Stanford Pride, but also have a history of alumni volunteerism ranging from coordinating Beyond the Farm projects to volunteering on the planning committee for Stanford National Black Alumni Associations summits. They have been practicing ethical non-monogamy and identifying as Solo Polyamorous for a little over a decade. During that they became a moderator for one of the largest online communities created by and for Solo Polyamorous folks, launched an online platform, Loving Solo devoted to telling the story of marginalized folks within SoPo communities, and has facilitated panels and workshops at ENM conferences around the nation. Ultimately Roz’s passion is to create spaces where folks can bring their whole queer, outside-the-norm selves into supportive communities that prioritize justice and inclusion. Roz will be sharing about their non-monogamy journey as well as hosting a community-building space for other BIPoc alumni.