Summit 2024: Queer Life After Stanford


Keynote Speaker

Justice Kelli M. Evans ’91 (she/her) serves as an Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court. Before joining the Supreme Court, Justice Evans served as a Judge in the Alameda County Superior Court, presiding over both criminal and civil matters.

Justice Evans received her undergraduate degree in public policy from Stanford.

🌈 Queer Life After Stanford 🌲

Stanford shaped you, but what has happened in your queer life since then?

This year’s summit theme invites us to reconnect, reflect, and reimagine. Dive into panels, workshops, and social events exploring careers, relationships, activism, and more – all through a uniquely LGBTQ+ lens.

Join us to celebrate your journey, share your wisdom, and discover the vibrant future of the Stanford Pride community.

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Billie Mandel

Billie Mandel is a multidisciplinary social scientist, leadership coach and collaborative creativity expert with 30 years’ international business experience leading software R&D teams to innovate, grow and create more effectively together. In her BA studies in International Relations at Stanford (and subsequent graduate studies at that other institution across the Bay), she focused on political behavior and political sociology, with a specific interest in conflict resolution and how humans interact in systems. 

As a first-wave UX designer and (often token) out lesbian in the tech industry, and now as a leadership and team collaboration coach, she’s spent decades in corporate boardrooms watching leaders make the same mistakes over and over. Now that she’s a self-employed CEO, living her best life by the ocean in her Sea Witch era, she’s fully empowered to tell all the tales and spill all the tea, for our collective amusement, benefit, and growth.

Her company, Mandel Creative, is a queer feminist learning and development consultancy and innovation incubator for creative and technical professionals and teams, and has some spicy new programs coming up! Subscribe to her mailing list at and follow her on LinkedIn to hear the news when it’s fresh and hot!

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Dr. Mark F. Robb

I am honored to be able to present my life-changing story and share my experience in living through the AIDS crisis. I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I graduated from Oak Park-River Forest High School, class valedictorian, and made my first trip to California to enter Leland Stanford Jr. University in 1971. I lived in the Larkin-Lassen dormitory as a freshman and spent the rest of my time at Stanford living in the Kappa Alpha Fraternity next to Lake Lagunitas, studying hard but still chasing women and partying with my fraternity brothers. I was able to graduate a year early and while applying to medical schools, I worked the night shift at The Stanford Hospital in the blood gas lab. It was there that I discovered my true proclivities when I was propositioned by a male coworker who cleaned the surgery suites at night. I brought my secret with me to The University of California at San Diego, School of Medicine. I finally found some friends in class with the same proclivities who opened my eyes to gay life. I graduated medical school in 1979 and finished my residency in Internal Medicine at Highland General Hospital in 1983. That is essentially where my story begins. My career in Emergency Medicine began in the Cuban Refugee Camp at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas in 1980 and continued until I retired from the Emergency Room at Kaiser Hospital, San Francisco, in 2017. When the pandemic started, I went back to work in a field hospital in San Francisco, set up in the street behind the Southeast Health Center in the Bayview District. I found it less stressful than the emergency room and realized I still had something to offer as an emergency physician. Over the next few years, I staffed various clinics delivering COVID care, fire camps in Northern California, and a Transit Hub in San Diego for immigrants from the border. In between I also worked on cruise ships, The Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Reflexions, providing care for the crew and guests during the pandemic. No longer a transient, most recently, I have found a permanent job providing primary care at La Clinica de la Raza in Oakland. Speaking Spanish every day and working with a great group of professionals, providing care for an underserved and respectful community, I am challenged in this new specialty and busy at the end of my career. I am most grateful to still be alive.

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Justice Kelli M. Evans

Justice Kelli M. Evans serves as an Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court. Before joining the Supreme Court, Justice Evans served as a Judge in the Alameda County Superior Court, presiding over both criminal and civil matters.

Prior to her appointment to the Alameda County bench, Justice Evans served as Chief Deputy Legal Affairs Secretary in the Office of Governor Newsom, where she advised the Governor and executive agencies on a variety of legal, policy, and legislative issues.

Justice Evans previously served as Special Assistant to the Attorney General at the California Department of Justice with a focus in criminal justice, public safety, and civil rights law and policy.

Justice Evans has had a career of public service. Before joining the California Department of Justice, she served as Senior Director for the Administration of Justice at the California State Bar. Prior to joining the State Bar, she was Associate Director of the ACLU of Northern California and served as a Senior Trial Attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, and as an Assistant Public Defender at the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office. Justice Evans also has served as a member of federal court-appointed monitoring teams for the Oakland and Cleveland Police Departments.

Justice Evans has sat on the governing boards of a number of non-profit organizations and currently serves on the California Commission on Access to Justice. She has received numerous awards and recognition including the King Hall Distinguished Alumna Award, the Stanford Trailblazer Award, Judge of the Year Award, Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service, State Bar President’s Award, and a Medal of Achievement from the Washington Metropolitan Police Department.    

Justice Evans received her undergraduate degree from Stanford University and her law degree from the University of California at Davis, where she was the recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for Public Service.

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